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Molar Roller Bowling Bash Hosted by DeSimone Orthodontics

THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 1ST at Curtis Lanes in Ewing, NJ, DeSimone Orthodontics is hosting the Molar Roller Bowling Bash—fun for Patients & Families!

Here’s The Information For This Exciting Event


The spotlight is on THREE generations of bowling champs, The Trabosh Family—Grandma Louise, Mother Faye, and our patients, Marc and Donald. Louise and Faye are ETS Mixed Bowling League Winners. Faye made the big four split once, and Marc and Donald currently hold the title of Group II State champions, Junior Bowlers Tour. Marc and Donald are tied at 300 for highest score and 12 for most strikes per game!

There’s no doubt about it, the Trabosh family are seasoned strikers! They bowl at least twice a week with their teams and once a month as a family. It is no surprise that Grandpa Trabosh was a great bowler, too, and that Faye and her husband met on the lanes! Marc and Donald started bowling at 4 years old in the family room with plastic pins!

On Saturday, June 1st The Trabosh Family will teach us, Molar Rollers, tricks and techniques for getting lots of strikes and no gutter balls! Also you will be playing on the team of one of our talented dental assistants! Look out for Annemarie’s Alley, Lois’ Lanes, Raquel’s Rollers, Kristin’s Kingpins, Mindy’s Magicians, Kathy’s Konquerors, Mary Anne’s Miracles, Lynn’s Lizards, Izamar’s Igniters, Karen W’s Kingdom, Kim’s Krushers, and Dr. DeSimone’s Dexterous Daredevils! Prizes will be awarded for most spirited, highest scorer, best sportsmanship, and most improved!

To spread the Molar Roller fun, DeSimone Orthodontics will host a Bowling Team from Homefront which supports homeless families in our local area. Pizza and cupcakes will be served!

Saturday, June 1st, 12 – 2 pm
Curtis Lanes, 45 Scotch Rd, Ewing, NJ.
No RSVP necessary!


6 responses to "Molar Roller Bowling Bash Hosted by DeSimone Orthodontics"

  • Alex De Simone says:

    What a great idea!! No doubt it will be fabulous!!!

  • M. Arnold says:

    We are terrible bowlers- but this sounds fun and we are looking forward to it!

  • Christine says:

    Sorry I can’t attend!! This looks like soooo much fun!
    Team Lois’ Lanes gets extra points for having a fabulous name!
    Go DeSimone Orthodontics!

  • karendesimone says:

    We knew you would appreciate that;) You always added so much fun here at DeSimone Orthodontics. We hope to see you soon! So GREAT to hear from you!!

  • karendesimone says:

    So happy you will join us!! Don’t worry about bowling skill, we may need the “gutter bumpers” on our lanes- especially Team Mindy’s Magician…just don’t tell Mindy that we said that!! 🙂

  • karendesimone says:

    Alex, we hope you can join us! We know that you will be wearing orange since that is you favorite color for your braces!!

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