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13 responses to "Promotion"

  • Linda Smith says:

    My daughter Abigail is receiving wonderful care and her experience with Dr. DeSimone and all of her staff members has been both courteous and professional! The atmosphere is truly congenial and fun for my daughter. She is treated very well and made to feel important and not just another person to come in and get her followup. It is a family- like atmosphere and I would recommend this practice to anyone who would need Orthodontic treatment. Kudos to Dr. DeSimone and all of her staff members! 🙂

  • Hi Karen, Good luck with your promotion!

  • karendesimone says:

    Thank you very much, Linda, for your kind words and recommendation. We are so happy to have Abigail as our patient! We will take excellent care of her and make it fun along the way- for both of you!! See you soon!! Dr. DeSimone

  • karendesimone says:

    Thanks Dr. Reiffe Fishbane! Check us out on Facebook to see the techniques and technology we are using here! It is so nice to hear from you! Let’s catch up more soon! Dr. DeSimone

  • LaShanda Allen says:

    My daughter LaNiya loves going to her appointments, she gets so excitied when it’s time to go. I love that she is in good hands and I feel she is being well taken care of at every visit. The staff is always friendly and cheerful. My daugter and I love going to Dr. DeSimone.

  • karendesimone says:

    I am so happy to read that you and LaNiya enjoy your appointments here!! We love having you as patients!! We will take very good care of you both!! We are cooking up some fun events for the sumnmer, like our postcard party! Also, we are getting more neon orthodontic elastics because the kids are weaving bracelets out of them and they are becoming the NEW CRAZE of the summer!! See you soon!!! Keep smiling! Dr. DeSimone

  • Karen Wills says:

    It is quite rare these days to find excellent medical/dental care that also delivers outstanding patient oriented service. Dr. DeSimone has raised the bar for exceptional orthodontic treatment. She is well versed in the latest practices, and addresses each individual patient with respect and careful consideration. She listens attentively to the concerns of the patient and parents, and is always happy to explain the options thoroughly and patiently. The office staff are polite, friendly and very professional. The entire team goes out of their way to make all patients feel at ease and excited about their progress. The video games and creative promotions create a fun and welcoming environment for kids. Only DeSimone Orthodontics can transform the dreaded stage of teen braces into something fun!

  • karendesimone says:

    We were so happy to read this! Making orthodontics a very positive- and even fun- experience for both patients and parents is truly our mission. Thank you for taking the time to write on our blog. This is wonderful feedback for us that we very much appreciate. We really enjoy having you as our patients!

  • Leslie Pell says:

    We love the care at Dr Desimone!

  • karendesimone says:

    Thank you, Leslie! It means so very much to us to hear that!

  • karendesimone says:

    Thank you, Leslie! That means so very much to us!!

  • karendesimone says:

    Thank you, Leslie! That means so very much to us!

  • karendesimone says:

    Have you seen the rainbow elastic bracelets we are making for patients and moms? They were first made with orthodontic rubber bands!!

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