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Getting To Better Know Our Awesome Dental Assistant, Mindy!

SOMETIMES, WE’RE  GUILTY OF ASSUMING TOO MUCH, RIGHT? We recently realized that we’ve probably wrongly assumed that ALL of you—our valued patients—know Mindy as well as we do! That’s probably not the case.

So, We Asked Mindy A Few Questions

We asked Mindy a few questions to help you get to know her a little better. Those questions are found below—along with her candid answers! Enjoy!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

“I really enjoy time with my family. I have a son that has a great smile, thanks to Dr. DeSimone and I like to spend quality time with him. I also enjoy car rides with my fiancé, Jim. Often we have no destination in mind, we just drive! We not only enjoy where we end up, but also enjoy the talking and fun along the way! Our impromptu travels have led to Maine, Gettysburg, Long Beach Island, and even good old Philadelphia!”

What do you enjoy most about being a dental assistant?

“I realize that my eyes go directly to a person’s smile when I meet them. So I really enjoy working with our team to help create those beautiful smiles. One of my favorite things about dental assisting is the relationship that grows between my patients and me over the two years that they are in treatment. It is rewarding to know that our patients leave here with fantastic smiles and keep them for the rest of their lives!”

What Dr. DeSimone means to me!

“I have never admired someone the way I admire Dr. DeSimone. She has shown me how to understand and appreciate the creative art and the technical science that goes into orthodontics. She has shown me to fall in love with a profession that I have been working in for 14 years. When I started working with her she asked me if we would retire together and I want to let everyone know that this is my plan. I cannot imagine working for anyone one else who could possibly be more loyal or dedicated to her patients and her staff.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Mindy a little better. Here at our practice we feel really fortunate to have her as a member of our awesome team.

Do YOU have a question for Mindy?

If so, please enter it in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to pass it along to Mindy for an answer! Also, as you know, you can always send us private questions or comments on our Facebook page.

Thanks for the trust you place in us!



4 responses to "Getting To Better Know Our Awesome Dental Assistant, Mindy!"

  • Jim says:

    I Just want to tell everyone that Mindy gives a %110 percent with whatever she does !
    An amazing person and I KNOW anyone that is under her care at the office will get nothing but the best from the best!

  • karendesimone says:

    We feel the SAME way about Mindy! PATIENTS are reassured by her expertise, PARENTS appreciate her genuine kindness, and OUR TEAM enjoys her enthusiam and friendship!

  • Lucy Vega-Sikorski says:

    I have known Mindy for as long as she has been with Dr. DeSimone. She is a wonderful person, professional, mother and friend. She even let Dr. DeSimone improve her smile and it is even more beautiful than before. When I do drop in I always try to pop in and say hello to her. AMIGA…..WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST!

  • karendesimone says:

    Hello Lucy!
    It was so good to hear from you! Recently your daughter dropped by for a retainer check up and we were so glad to see that she has happily graduated from college and is such a wonderful young lady! Also glad to hear that your son is doing so well and on his way to graduation soon! We so enjoyed getting to know your entire family! We have had some fun times at The Trenton Thunder Patient/Family Appreciation Events & buying Tupperware! Best of luck to you all! Stop by anytime to say, “hello!” Have a great summer! Love, DeSimone Orthodontics

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