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Kids, Take Your Parents To DeSimone Orthodontics!

Dear Fellow Parents,

So it all began when Dr. DeSimone removed my daughter’s braces. She looked like a movie star! Perfect, white, polished, straight teeth—the kind you see in magazines!

Fast forward to Mother’s Day, while celebrating with my mom and daughter, we take a photo of our three generations…when I see the photo, GASP, there next to my lovely daughter and mom was me smiling WITHOUT a beautiful smile.

Everywhere I looked I noticed other people with beautiful smiles, even my dog had teeth to envy as well as my horses…well, maybe a little long in the tooth, but they looked better in photos, too!

Something had to be done. I can’t avoid the camera for the rest of my days. SERIOUSLY, I have a LIFETIME of “serving up smiles!”

Straight teeth are not just for kids! So, kids, take your parents to DeSimone Orthodontics. Now I am a proud Invisalign patient, thanks to the awesome treatment by Dr. DeSimone and her wonderful staff!

Smiling for the camera,

Karen B.


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