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Have YOU Ever Considered Becoming An Orthodontist?

Ever Considered Being An Orthodontist?

Being an orthodontist is incredibly rewarding! In fact, according to many career studies and publications it’s among the world’s top occupations. Perhaps the most important reward is seeing someone’s smile change before your eyes. As their teeth and jaws shift into alignment, patient’s personalities can change too. Their self-confidence blossoms! Children, teens, and adults with beautiful smiles are ready to confidently meet the world face-first. This is an amazing process to be part of.

Some Of My Favorite Things About Being An Orthodontist Are…

  • A better smile design boosts self-esteem!
  • Straight teeth create a more youthful appearance!
  • A patient’s dental health and speech can be improved with orthodontics!
  • Orthodontics combines artistry and science, two things I enjoy!
  • Because orthodontics is an ever-evolving field, it is exciting to stay current with state of the art techniques and technology!
  • Teaching the orthodontic post-graduate residents at Albert Einstein is a rewarding experience for me!
  • Working collaboratively with my staff!
  • Getting to know our patients and their families is a pleasure!
  • Creating an environment that is friendly, fun, and professional!

My Advice To Young People Considering A Career In Orthodontics…

  • Ask yourself: will this career use my skills, knowledge and abilities?
  • Orthodontics requires an interest in science, an appreciation for artistry and creativity, excellent manual dexterity, an ability to communicate empathetically with patients, a thirst for knowledge in your field, and a dedication to provide the most exceptional care to your patients.
  • All orthodontists are dentists, but only six percent of dentists are selected into an orthodontic post-graduate program. Because admission to orthodontic programs is extremely competitive and selective, you really have to WANT this career. That doesn’t mean you have to forego your studies in liberal arts and the humanities and only study science when preparing for a career in orthodontics. In fact, the more well-rounded you are, I believe, the more successful your practice will be. I was hired for my first job as an orthodontist in northern New Jersey not only because my resume showed I was a dedicated and highly skilled orthodontist, but also because I had studied art, music, communications, and theater.

Other Orthodontic Career Opportunities…

The orthodontic field is full of opportunities, whether you choose to become an orthodontist or an orthodontic staff member. Orthodontic practices offer a variety of career paths, such as:

  • Scheduling Coordinator (Like Kathy!)
  • Treatment Coordinator (Like Lynn!)
  • Financial Coordinator (Like Lois!)
  • Professional Relations Coordinator (Like Annemarie!)
  • Clinical dental assistant (Like Mindy, Kim, Karen, Raquel, Kristin, and Izamar!)
  • Orthodontic Laboratory Technician (Like Reuben!)

Internships Offered

As an orthodontist or orthodontic staff member, orthodontics can put you on a career path that provides the satisfaction of helping patients improve their smiles, their dental health, and their self-esteem. It’s a positive, upbeat career that enhances the lives of your patients.

DeSimone Orthodontics offers internships to those interested in an orthodontic career. For more information, please contact Annemarie at our office at 609-739-8000 or Make sure you check out our website and our Facebook page for current office events.


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