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To All Our Athletes Out There: Play It Safe!

ARE YOU—OR IS SOMEONE YOU LOVE—INVOLVED IN SPORTS? Do you always wear a mouthguard? If not, consider these important facts:

  1. Up to 40% of dental injuries are sustained during sports activities.
  2. The cost of a custom mouthguard is a small fraction of the cost of dealing with dental trauma.
  3. NOT wearing your mouthguard makes you 60 times more likely to sustain an injury to the face and mouth.

When A Mouthguard Is Super Comfortable, It’s More Likely To Be Worn

We know that a lot of people avoid wearing mouthguards because they’re uncomfortable. They get in the way of speech, and sometimes hamper breathing. They can also put stress on one’s jaw if it doesn’t fit right.

Custom Mouthguards Are Different

  • Custom-fit mouthguards are more comfortable than stock mouthguards—even the boil-and-bite ones.
  • They’re less bulky, which makes talking, breathing, and swallowing easier.
  • Because of the quality of the materials used, they last longer.
  • You’ll enjoy added protection against cut lips, a cut tongue, and concussions.

Girls’ Athletics Have Climbed Dramatically. Help Protect Their Teeth!

Remember… Both Adults And Youth…

Mouthguards are recommended for just about every sport—football, basketball, baseball, soccer, skating, or any activity where your face may get hit by an elbow, a ball, or the ground! When a mouthguard is comfortable, it’s more likely to be worn, so ask us to fit you for a complimentary mouthguard at your next appointment. Our mouthguards have straps for those athletes who need them for their helmets.

Remember to play it safe and thanks for your trust in our practice!


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